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New prices for apartments in BEREZKI Complex approved

Question: What are the prices for "Berezki" Complex apartments, construction period and site location?
Answer: The prices are given as of 16.06.2008.


Location of Kyivsotsbud office

Question: please, explain where the office of Kyivsotsbud is located and is it possible to see all legal documents evidencing the right to carry out construction of the Residential complex.
Answer: our Sales office is located at the address: Floor 3, 3А Surikova Street (Megamarket shopping center, entrance from Urizkogo Str.). Phone number (044) 287-87-01.
In our office you can also check all the documents, take a look at the planning solutions offered and get answers to all the questions you are interested in.


Location of BEREZKI Complex

Question: How to get to the Residential complex "BEREZKI"?
Answer: Residential complex "BEREZKI" is located in Vyshgorod town at Sholudenko Street. To get to the site, take fixed-route taxi-bus №397 running from Kyiv (Geroev Dnepra subway station) to Vyshgorod (Sholduenko Street, "Rynok" station). 

BEREZKI Complex construction period

Question: Please, explain, are the dates set for commissioning of the first sections (4th quarter, 2009, as specified) real, as only a year and a half remains.

Answer: The Construction Schedule has been approved and as of today no deviations from the Schedule are observed. 



How to purchase an apartment in BEREZKI Complex?

Question: How to purchase an apartment in Residential district "Berezki"?
Answer: If you have any questions concerning purchase of apartments in Residential complex "Berezki", please, contact our Sales Department at the address: Floor 3, 3А Surikova Street (Megamarket shopping center, entrance from Urizkogo Str.) or by phone (044) 248-98-08.


Hot water and heating problem in Vyshgorod town solved

Question: I know that Vyshgorod experiences serious problems with hot water and heating. Will the residential district constructed by you also be connected to municipal utilities? How do you plan to solve this problem of Vyshgorod?
Answer: Our residential district project provides for arrangement of roof boiler rooms for each section in each house. Owing to this, residents of "Berezki" residential district will have hot water and heating at all times irrespective on the situation in Vyshgorod town.